Temple House of Israel

Staunton, Virginia, USA

Areas of Inclusion: Adults in Communal Life, Advocacy & Community Partnerships, Architectural & Physical Accommodations and Transportation, Deafness, and Worship

About the Congregation

Temple House of Israel

15 North Market Street P.O. Box 1412

Staunton, VA 24401

Number of Congregants: 45

Contact Information

Beth Young, Past President


Inclusion Programming

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Developing Our Program

We had a music director who was uncomfortable getting in and out of our building and we wanted the religious school students under her direction to be able to perform their songs. As a result of this need, we committed to making physical changes to our building.

Number of people involved in the effort: 3

Involving People with Disabilities

In addition to the physical changes to the building, we also printed several copies of the most frequently used services in large print.

We purchased headphones and a microphone system to allow those with hearing impairment to be included.

Helpful Agencies & Organizations

We relied on two of our congregants. One is an architect, the other is an interior designer.

Spreading Awareness About Our Work

We have a universal emblem sticker on all our brochures.

We have a plaque mounted to the front wall at the sidewalk stating ‘handicapped entrance at side door.’ We have a universal emblem on our side door.

Process & Sharing

Evidence of Successful Inclusion Efforts

We routinely have 2-3 people attending services and sitting in the pews, which were moved to the Bima alcoves, a space that is accessible for people who use wheelchairs and have other physical disabilities.

Evidence of Changing Attitudes

While we already had a culture of inclusion that included good attitudes and acceptance, awareness was increased by the changes we made.

How We're Using and Sharing the Disabilities Inclusion Learning Center

We will use the Disabilities Inclusion Learning Center and share it in any way that we can. We are a tiny congregation without staff other than our part-time Rabbi, so we are all aware of incorporating accessibility into our daily lives and cognizant of it.

Future Inclusion Efforts

If we grow, we will need to provide additional seating. We have installed speakers in our social hall so that people who remain in the social hall and choose not to enter the sanctuary can still hear the proceedings.

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