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URJ Inclusion blog

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URJ staff training resources

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Adults in Communal Life

2 Study Sessions

Access and engagement of adults with lifelong, temporary or newly developed disabilities

Advocacy & Community Partnerships

4 Study Sessions

Engaging congregants of all ages in advocating for disabilities inclusion as a human rights issue

B'nai Mitzvah

4 Study Sessions

Specific, educationally sound and spiritually sensitive strategies to prepare all kinds of learners to become B’nai Mitzvah


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Advancing understanding and creating effective educational, spiritual and social participation for the deaf and hard of hearing

Early Childhood Education

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Strategies and tools for nurturing Jewish educational experiences for young children with disabilities while shaping positive attitudes towards disabilities


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Highlighting the importance and benefits of inclusive employment, and providing skills and strategies to become a more inclusive employer

General Inclusion

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Develop additional skills, strategies and understanding to make possible the full participation of all people with disabilities

High Holidays

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Strategies, tools and skills to assist your community in becoming more inclusive in the New Year and beyond

Mental Health

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Ways of advancing understanding while creating spiritual and social support for those living with mental illness

Religious School

7 Study Sessions

Effective strategies and tools to create successful inclusive Jewish educational experiences for all children and all kinds of learners