Joseph D. Robbins

Joseph D. Robbins is the Assistant Director of the URJ’s Presidential Disabilities Inclusion Initiative in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation. Joseph has a Masters in the Teaching of English from Columbia Teachers College and his New York State Certification in English Language Arts, Grades 7-12. He completed his Masters in Jewish Educational Leadership at the Davidson School of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Concurrently, Joseph completed the coursework for his New York State Certification in Students with Disabilities, Grades 7-12.

Joseph attended the University of Arizona as a member of the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (S.A.L.T.) Center, the number one support services program in the nation for students with learning disabilities. Joseph grew up with severe learning disabilities. After working with tutors and learning specialists from middle school through his junior year of college, Joseph was able to apply what he had learned en route to graduating early from college and completing both of his Masters degrees without support services. Joseph used the systems he had learned to help his students of varying abilities both inside and outside of the classroom while he was teaching English to students in high-risk, high-need New York City public and charter schools.

As Assistant Director of the URJ’s Presidential Disabilities Inclusion Initiative, Joseph merges his passions for Judaism, Jewish education, and special education.

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